Care Rostering and Management

Save time with easy workforce scheduling. Cloud-based software with up-to-date client and carer information accessible to managers, carers, family and friends. Best-in-class person-centred care and safeguarding through visit verification.

Care Rostering

Home care rostering made easy

A clear and easy-to-use roster screen with a drag and drop interface for quick ad-hoc roster changes and updates.

Match carers to clients to ensure compatibility between them as well as continuity of care. CareLineLive allows you to allocate carers based on how close they live, or where their other visits are. You can also allocate based on how compatible a carer is with a particular client, and you’ll be alerted to any carer-client incompatibilities.

Other multiple factors such as service user requirements, carer qualifications, travel time between service users and the ability to group visits that are in close proximity means that your rostering will become more streamlined, accurate and efficient for everyone involved.

Carers are instantly notified of any changes, and clients and their families are kept in the loop when it comes to visits. Making changes to the roster is quick and easy, saving you valuable time and reducing human errors.

Carer Leave

Carer leave and availability

With CareLineLive, you can log carer leave quickly and plan ahead more effectively. This helps you maintain the quality and consistency of your carer-client relationships and gives you a bird’s eye view of carer availability whether regular working hours or last minute availability.

CareLineLive can provide pay estimates and accruals as well as managing holiday pay and payroll. This all means no unexpected payments and no delayed payments or inaccuracies for carers.

Travel time estimates

Improve productivity and roster more accurately with estimates of travel times between consecutive visits. Using Google Maps, CareLineLive can provide estimates of journey times between consecutive visits, according to whether carers are walking, driving, cycling or on public transport.

travel time estimates
unplanned visits

Unplanned home care visits

We know you need flexibility, so our system allows carers to record visits that haven’t been booked by the office.

Knowing that if needed a carer can call on a client in case of emergency or other unexpected events, brings much needed peace of mind to you, your client and their families.

Capacity planning

See at a glance what capacity you have to take on new care packages. Quickly identify training and skills gaps using the CareLineLive training matrix which visually maps the qualifications and accreditations for each of your carers alongside current training status with alerts showing when training has expired.

Easily gather information and insights for tender applications.

capacity planning

Care rostering and management

Full and up-to-date client information

Accurate Client Information

Record detailed information about each client and their care planning within their profile, including medical history and medication, food and drink preferences and mental health assessments, allowing carers to easily access up-to-date care requirements and risk assessments.

Using the Carer Companion App carers can create comprehensive visit notes that are shared in real time with the office. Combined with eMAR and Tasks, care notes deliver more informed and effective care and allow continuity of care between carers. Alerts are created if medication or visits are late or missed. Helping you achieve higher standards of care and compliance.

Families have access to the care notes via the Care Circle Portal so can keep track of loved one’s care details in real time removing the need to call the office for updates.

Client Contact Information

Contact information

All the essential information that you need. Store access details, key safe numbers, next of kin, health and social care professionals’ details, doctors’ notes, care plans, important contacts and more. Updates are instant and visible to everyone who needs to know – you, your carers, your clients and their families.

Safeguarding, call monitoring and visit verification

Instant and accurate recording of carer visits with GPS and QR code scanning that records location and check-in/check-out times. This can inform invoicing, payroll and rostering administration as well as improved record keeping for compliance standards. The safeguarding of both our clients and our carers sits at the very heart of CareLineLive.

Carers can be confident that there is an accurate record of their visiting hours and location while managers are reassured that you’re delivering a safe and punctual service.