Electronic Visit Records
Including Medical Records

Improved care planning and delivery, and reduced risk of mistakes with easy to use electronic medical records, tasks, observations and alerts.

eMar Task Management

Better software means better care

Improved records and providing better person-centered care

All your care visit data digitised including attendance times, task management and electronic medication administration, visit notes, health observations, concern and incident notes. This is often referred as electronic call monitoring or ECM.

Improve care planning and delivery, reduce risk of mistakes and easily access evidence of compliance for regulatory requirements.

Enable true person-centred care by ensuring absolute accuracy of record keeping.

Attendance Records

Accurate attendance records

Carer attendance times are accurately recorded by the Carer Companion mobile app recording check-in and check-out times and location via GPS. Alerts for missed and late visits are raised along with alerts when location does not agree with the service user’s address or visit durations not within expected tolerances.

Task management

Create detailed tasks (including medication) for each visit. These are a summary of your care plan. Carers must comply with what is needed and are required to record how each task has been completed otherwise, check-out is not allowed. The system will issue an alert for missed tasks or when certain tasks do not have the expected completed statuses.

With a complete and real time record of the care delivered to a service user, agencies, carers and family can have peace of mind that the required care is being delivered.

Task Management

Electronic medical records

Increased safety and greater compliance with electronic medication records

Our electronic medication records include full medication details, alerts and carer comments. Using the Carer Companion mobile app carers log the outcome of each medication task with customisable completion statuses, record dosage given, write comments and attach photos for record keeping. The wider care circle, subsequent carers and care planners are kept in the loop with real time updates.

Go paperless and generate medication charts at a touch of a button. Accurate time stamps provide valuable audit trails for administered medications. The charts can be viewed on a screen or can be downloaded and printed. Audits can be conducted whenever you require and wherever you are as there is no more need to travel to the service user to collect paper medication records. The digital charts can be sent to carers and service users for e-signing if needed.

With electronic medication records, every task and medication is clearly trackable, mistakes are reduced, personalised care planning is made easier and safeguarding is improved for all. Alerts are raised and notified for missed medication and certain completion statuses.

Record health observations to keep a full clinical record

Carers can record observations such as blood glucose and pressure, meal and fluid intake, heart rate, weight, catheter output, bowel movements and injuries within the Carer Companion app. Many of these observations can be viewed visually which allows quick trend analysis to be done. Completion statuses are recorded to enable alerts to be raised. Updates are immediately visible to managers and assigned stakeholders within the Care Circle portal enabling quick intervention, if necessary. Soon, body map records will allow some of this data to be recorded visually in different formats.

Visit Notes

Visit notes, concerns and incident reports

Carers can record notes and comments in various scenarios. Handover notes are created to give detail to upcoming carers so that they have relevant information for their visit. Check out notes give a summary of what happened during a visit so that the office and loved ones from the Care Circle have visibility on what transpired in a visit. Concerns can be raised when recording task completions, observations and notes, so that care managers can take appropriate action. Incidents can also be recorded in a similar way.