Meet the Team: iOS Developer, Artem Burdak

Meet Artem Burdak, A Ukrainian developer now based in London, he works on the iOS version of the CareLineLive mobile app
Marie Page
12th September 2022

Artem joined the CareLineLive development team earlier this summer. A Ukrainian developer, his role is to work on the iOS version of the CareLineLive mobile app.

What did you do before joining CareLineLive?

At university I did a Masters in Management and whilst coding wasn’t what I was training in I looked a little at developing in C and related languages but didn’t like how they looked. I discovered Swift (an iOS development language) and liked the look of that. Swift was therefore the turning point in me deciding to specialise in iOS development. I’ve now been working in iOS development for three years.

The first application I worked on was an app for dental health clinics in Ukraine. Then, I was a lead iOS developer for the social network Obimy which has over 7 million international users. People track and share their health data (steps, heart rate), mood and feelings. It grew from a fertility tracker app and then developed month-by-month with additional functionality to improve health into a social network where people show different ways to show their feelings without the usual text messages.

Why did you join CareLineLive?

As you can see from my previous roles it has always been a priority for me to work on something meaningful rather than “casino” or crypto apps.

I have friends and family in the UK so it was a simple decision to come here when war broke out in Ukraine. I was actually working remotely in Brazil at the time.

I was scrolling LinkedIn and saw something about about the CareLineLive role but as I had only just arrived in the UK I was not ready to take something on at that point. But I chatted to Dec (our Development Director) and Josh (our Managing Director) and liked them and they sent me the task of creating a test app to check my abilities.

The UK government is currently offering Ukrainians working visas for three years. My partner has a permanent visa so the process for me was quite straight forward. For others without a partner, the applicant has to find a sponsor who will, for instance, provide a room for them here.

Best part of the job

I like it when things look good. Dec showed me the CareLineLive app during the interview and I realised that there was plenty of work to be done getting the iOS version up to the same state as the Android version. Catching the iOS app up with Android has been what I’ve been focussed on in my first few weeks and there is still plenty to do.

To date we’ve rolled out new features into Android first but going forwards we should be able to work on both platforms simultaneously.

Worst part of the job

Weekends. Why can’t I just work 24/7?

There honestly hasn’t been anything bad about my job so far!

At my previous job I would have to sit through meetings that I didn’t even need to be at for many hours. It was such a waste of time that I could have spent working on other things. CareLineLive is much more efficient and focused. Meetings here are useful catch-ups rather than whole team planning meetings.

What you most enjoy about working at CareLineLive?

I’m enjoying what I do here – creating iOS apps and working on a meaningful project.

I’m based in the development office in Moorgate, London. It was definitely one of the selling points of the job for me. I am surrounded by other developers in a nice bright and airy room. I have a monitor and a desk that goes up and down so I’m not sitting all the time.

Sadly there currently isn’t a microwave here but there are lots of shops and cafes locally.

What is something that people in home care have to deal with that you want to help fix?

Apps are designed to bring accessibility to websites. My role as a developer at CareLineLive is to make information more accessible to care providers and their carers. It’s great that through using the app the care our customers provide on the ground is more accessible and delivered with minimal admin hassle so they have more time to spend actually caring.

Surprising fact about you

Back in the day I was so eager to move out from my parents home. Thanks to the Russian invasion I now don’t have a home. I’ll try to be more precise with my wishes in future.

Artem snowboarding in Dragobrat, Ukraine, in happier times for the country
Artem snowboarding in Dragobrat, Ukraine, in happier times for the country

On a more positive surprising fact, I love snow boarding as you can see from the photo.


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