Announcing our new (free) eBook on running a home care business

Unlock the potential of your home care business with Homecare Business 101: Setting Up For Success. Improve your marketing, recruitment, retention & compliance.
Marie Page
3rd August 2023

Our new eBook on how to start and/or improve a home care business is published and is available now for you to download.

Note, this book is written with the UK market in mind but there are many sections that work universally and are relevant for the Australian market.

Called Home Care Business 101: Setting Up For Success, and written by our Homecare Champion, Merina Martin, the eBook will help you with:

  • Understanding the options for setting up a home care business
  • Selecting the right technology
  • Compliance, regulation and legislation
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Marketing your home care business

This free, beautifully designed eBook will improve your knowledge on how to run a domiciliary care business efficiently, effectively and profitably.

The ultimate guide to setting up and running a successful home care business.

Click this link for more information and to download your (free) eBook.


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