Case Study: Why Community Nurses Australia chose CareLineLive

Easy-to-read case study covering multiple CareLineLive features that help Community Nurses Australia improve the care they offer clients
Marie Page
8th August 2022

We talked to Nichola Potter, Managing Director of Community Nurses Australia who have been using CareLineLive since early 2022 having been recommended the software by a friend that runs another home care service.

Nichola is a registered nurse with over 20 years’ experience both in the UK and Australia. A district nurse by background, she was one of the first Nurse Practitioners in her area in the UK. Her passion for the nursing profession has led her to lead new role innovations. She was instrumental in the development of the role of nurse navigation within Australia, responsible for the implementation of the role in an indigenous health service and community setting.

Nichola has co-authored research papers within the indigenous health setting in Australia and co-authored a book chapter on developmental evaluation.

At Community Nurses Australia Nichola has implemented the nine key principles to providing good quality care. The company philosophy is to ensure that their clients receive the highest quality nursing care at home where they are comfortable, secure and cared for with the support they need.

Nichola supports all staff to develop and achieve their individual learning needs. She promotes a team culture of communication, trust, respect and value of individual skills and life experiences. Her mission is that Community Nurses Australia is the place nurses are valued, supported, autonomous and happy to be.

We asked Nichola about her thoughts on CareLineLive. We love her tick list answers – they communicate really well how beneficial the software is to a home care business.

Why did you choose CareLineLive?

  • It is an intuitive system, easy-to-use and has a lot in one place
  • It ticked all of our boxes and much more
  • It provides our team with one system to have all the information we need to ensure our clients receive the care they need when they need it with easy scheduling
  • CareLineLive allows us as an organisation to provide workplace safety measure with the check in / out facility
  • The Care Circle is amazing, the clients and carers love it, no more questions about who is coming when
  • The efficiency of the system saves time on documentation, administration and the mapping is great

What CareLineLive features do you find most helpful?

  • Scheduling
  • The alerts are great
  • Carer time sheets
  • Mileage calculation
  • The Care Circle
  • All reports. Financials. Love that its down to each visit.
  • Easy to use for staff availability
case study community nurses australia

How has CareLineLive helped your business?

We would be a lot less productive without CareLineLive. Time has been saved, communication is easier with Carers. Reporting and payroll are much easier.

What are the main benefits to your carers and managers?

Carers are sure of the allocation of work and clear of reason for visits. There are no pages and pages of notes to go through as it is all on the phone [CareLineLive app].

They also have reassurance that they have enough time to get from one visit to the next.

Carers know they are being paid appropriately, without the hassle of a time sheet.

Managers can keep an eye on how the day is working out for staff and provide support if needed.

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